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With temperatures rising and the sun shining brighter than ever, summer is a great time to change up your makeup routine. Everyone’s complexion is different, so working with colors that complement your skin tone can create a naturally beautiful, glowing look for the summer.

Here are some suggestions on how to bring out the best of your skin tone and look radiant this summer, no matter your complexion type!

Dark skin
When looking for a pop of color, anything with a hint of purple, like fuchsia lipstick or blush, can complement the richness of your complexion. However, you can also achieve a more subtle, sultry chic with a shade of deep red such as crimson, maroon, or scarlet. If you’re really looking to wow the crowd with a modern appeal, try out an ultra-cool metallic bronze that shimmers and shines against dark skin tones.

Medium skin
A classic red lip is always in—especially for those with medium skin tones! Try anything from a true red to cranberry shades that work well with your golden undertones. For a healthy glow, try an apricot-colored blush, which pairs perfectly with your medium complexion.

Fair skin
When you’re working with fair skin tones, you essentially have a neutral palette that will allow even the most muted colors to have stunning contrast. To highlight the color of your eyes, consider applying a little champagne eyeshadow, which will offer a hint of dark shading. You can complement this eye color with ballerina-pink blush for rosy cheeks. As for a great lipstick shade, go for a bubbly pink or a coral to bring out the rosiness in your cheeks.

So whether you’re attending a casual picnic at the park or a fun night on the town, find a glamorous style that works with your skin tone and set the perfect base with Obagi Professional-C SerumTM 15% to accentuate your natural beauty this summer. Appropriate for all skin tones, this amazing antioxidant Vitamin C serum leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and prepares your skin for any look.

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“Eat Your Breakfast and Wear it Too!”

oats and honey

Have the luxurious, pampering comfort of a day spa with homemade skin care solutions using everyday kitchen ingredients! Whether you’re on a budget or want to help enhance the effects of your regular skin care regimen, homemade face masks and scrubs are great ways to help add moisture and a fresh-looking glow to your skin.

Today, we’re sharing one of our favorite do-it-yourself face mask recipes—complete with protein and whole grains, this breakfast mask is packed with nutrients that are good for your skin—and easy to make!

Honey Oatmeal Face Mask


  • 1 cup of dry oatmeal
  • 3 to 4 tablespoons of honey
  • 3 tablespoons of yogurt


  1. Place dry oatmeal in a blender or coffee grinder and blend until fine. Transfer ground oatmeal into a small bowl.
  2. Add the honey to the finely ground meal.
  3. Add yogurt to the honey and oats.
  4. Mix all of the ingredients into a thick paste. Add more honey as needed to smooth the mixture.
  5. Spread the mask on your clean face. Allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Warm a small towel by running it under hot water and place the towel over your face. Allow steam to work and then thoroughly rinse off.

For that extra touch of indulgence, place 2 slices of cucumber on your eyes and enjoy the cooling effect.

So put your cell phone away, let the laundry pile up for a change, and kick back to relish this moment all to yourself. You deserve it!

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“Wake Up to Beautiful, Healthy-Looking Skin”

woman sleeping

Ever wonder how Sleeping Beauty had such beautiful, glowing skin? Turns out she knew the beauty secret of a good night’s rest! In fact, during the hours you’re sleeping, your body is hard at work renewing and repairing your skin cells.1 A simple bedtime skin care routine can help boost these processes so you can go to sleep dreaming of beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

Enjoy your beauty sleep
They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing—catching some much-needed Zs every night is one of the easiest and best ways to achieve better-looking skin. While you may be out cold, your body is working the night shift repairing skin cells.1 So try to give yourself a restful 8 hours of sleep every night. Not only will this help your skin, but you’ll also feel better in the morning, refreshed, and ready to start the day.

Wash the day away
After a long, busy day, it may be tempting to just crawl into bed and go to sleep without washing your face. But the fact is, your skin has been exposed to a day’s worth of makeup, excess oil, pollution, and other environmental elements, which can lead to breakouts and other signs of skin damage. Washing and exfoliating will remove everyday impurities and open up your pores. If you’re too tired to wash your face before you retire, perform your skin care routine at 7 or 8 pm. Earlier is better than never!

Hydrate your skin
Regardless of your age, keeping your skin well hydrated is a vital aspect of any bedtime routine. Believe it or not, simply drinking a glass or two of water can also do wonders to make your skin appear brighter when the morning rolls around.

Taking care of your skin at night is just as important as in the morning. While washing your face is usually the first step in any skin care routine, the products you use at night may differ from those you use as part of your morning ritual based on your skin care needs. Find an all-in-one skin care regimen such as the Obagi Nu-Derm® System to get the complete skin care you need, morning and night. So you can wake up to beautiful, healthy-looking skin!

Reference: 1. National Institutes of Health. Your guide to healthy sleep. Accessed July 9, 2012.

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