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Make Over Your Medicine Cabimet

medicine cabinet

How many skin care products do you have in your medicine cabinet that you currently don’t use? It was reported that 1 in 3 women clean out their medicine cabinet less than once every two years, and more than one-third of women have 20+ products in their medicine cabinet.* Cosmetics and skin care products do have shelf lives. No one wants to reach into a medicine cabinet and use a product that’s ineffective because its prime has passed.

Changing with the seasons

Fall is a time for changing colors. That favorite pink lipstick that plays up your sun-kissed glow today should not be kept until next summer! Many people buy multiple products, but if you haven’t used them in a few weeks, what are the chances you’ll use them again? If products are kept too long, they could lose their effectiveness, their physical and chemical properties may change, and they may even cause breakouts.1  Now’s the time to clear out products that are past their expiration date. Also check for tell-tale signs━if there’s a change in color or smell, it’s best to toss any makeup or skin care products.2

Choose quality over quantity

It’s time to invest in quality skin care. Why dabble in passing trends or numerous products when you can trust the #1 physician-dispensed skin care system, Obagi® Nu-Derm®. Streamline your routine with this complete, all-in-one skin care system. It includes a cleanser, toner, exfoliating lotion, dark spot correcting formula, and sunscreen that work together and complement each other to help reveal beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

Streamline your products

Invest in a product that multitasks, such as the ELASTIderm® Eye Complete Complex™ Serum. This refreshing eye serum does double duty: it helps diminish the appearance of fine lines PLUS it includes caffeine to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness.

Congrats on making over your medicine cabinet. Decluttering sure feels great. Next stop? Your cosmetic bag!

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