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Dealing with Oily Skin

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Do you suffer from excessively oily skin? As a teenager, this is a very common problem as hormonal balances are completely out of control. Once you reach adulthood, things are supposed to calm down, at which point your skin should dry out and reach a normal balance. When this does not happen, you may need to take steps to clean up the affected areas.

Take a Look at Yourself in the Mirror

Take a good look in the mirror at the “T Zone”, this is an area of your skin that covers from your eyebrows down the bridge of your nose to your chin. If the skin appears to be shiny or have a visible sheen, especially in the morning, you have an oily skin problem. If you find yourself reapplying your makeup after only a couple of hours or constantly using a handkerchief to blot the excess oil, you also have an oily skin problem.

The good news is that you are not alone, there are millions of women who suffer from the same condition. Some will continue to try covering it up and living with the unsightly problems, others seek out ways to treat their condition so they can always look their best.

Treating Your Oily Skin

The best way to treat oily skin is to find a line of skin care products such as those offered by Obagi. You should start with a gentle cleanser which will remove the oil without signaling the skin’s cells to produce more. Consider using Obagi C Rx Cleansing Gel, the perfect way to remove the excess oil and clear up your skin.
Once your skin is clean and clear, you need to be able to balance the pH levels in the cells. This will help stop your skin from continuing to produce the vast amounts of oil that have been plaguing your face. Regular treatments using these products will not only help to remove the excess oil and keep it dried up, but clear up the acne at the same time, leaving you with clear, beautiful skin you will no longer feel the need to cover with makeup.

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